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ripon college staff

She received her law degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Fredreick K. Astmann 3 Soren Hauge and Katherine Griffith 18 Department of Communication Endowment Fund Mary C. Gavin ’79 Gary M. and Rosie I. Liethen 11 Gary R. Page ’84 William C. ’73 and Karen MacLeod Frank L. Smoll ’63 *A. Douglas and *Audrey R. Lyke Nancy S. Tuz 16 Susan E. Palmer ’79 Robert C. Siegel David I. Chemerow 45 *Everett J. and *Thelma Collins Rule ’30 Judith G. Adolphson 3 MaryJo MacSwain ’77 James F. and Linda Tator William C. ’69 and Christine Hershey Jordan ’70 James and Patricia Ostrom Kohnen 1964, 1964 Chemistry Research Endowed Fund This challenge addresses food waste throughout the production chain globally. Margaret Bisson Wheatley ’63 Donald I. and Ruth Miksha Don Stewart; J. Russell Stewart; J. Russell Stewart Jr. Derek J. Blackmore ’01 and Nicole L. Baumann-, Tobias H. Olson ’01 and Kristin M. Tobolski ’01, Patrick J. Mirrors also refer to portraiture – a reflection of the self, and self-reflection is a major part of the trans identity. This challenge therefore addresses the need for access to safe drinking water and sanitation worldwide. Dominica Louise Cipriani ‘21 of Oak Lawn, Illinois Loren J. and Deanna V. Boone *Rupert J. Groh Jr. ’55 The goal of this case is to ensure continued support for agriculture and fishing so that current and future generations are able to produce and have access to safe, healthy, high quality, and culturally appropriate food. Eugene J. and Evelyn M. Kain 27 , we can provide telemental health counseling services. *R. Douglas Ziegler *Barbara J. Arnold Michele Bauer Vaughan ’91 James and Nicolle Kaczrowski 2 John P. and Lynne E. Senkerik 7 *Robert G. Lambert ’52 John A. Sturm ’58 *Mary Beaumont 19 *John W. Wright Gary and Dawn Scholtens Thomas E. Caestecker Susan Reiterman and Jen Rintelmann The Minnesota Endowed Scholarship Taryn A. Bosquez ’19 Gil and Amanda Lancour 2 She joined the faculty at Augustana College in 2018, where she teaches courses in political communication, public rhetoric, and advertising. Brian H. and Mary Kaye Smith Brewer Heating, Inc. 5 Audrey Conant 22 Arthur G. Hall Jr. ’51 Howard C. Draft ’77 Gregory K. Ruark 2 Irene Schaper 24 Almost a third of global detainees are held without sentencing. They presented themselves as clowns, acrobats, swords swallowers, and more. Andrew P. Kitslaar ’06 Approximately a quarter of the world’s urban population lives in slums without access to basic infrastructure. Daniel J. Krhin and Myra Misles-Krhin 34 E. W. Aylward Jr. 22 Susan Schreyer Stander ’75 Janet Goldberg Joel W. Cler and Marjorie A. Kenyon-Cler 24 The minimal compositions create a need for more than superficial analysis, as the warped reproduction within the silver-lined glass turns an undoctored photograph into a mysterious portal. Kathryn M. Kittiko 16 Jack and Babs M. Fabry ’69 and Cynthia W. Bauer Chad and Deb MacKenzie Elizabeth Helgeson Hauser ’82 When Kingdoms Fall | Photograph | 6” x 9” | 2020, Legends Rise | Photograph | 6” x 9” | 2020, In Your Heart Shall Burn | Photograph | 6” x 9” | 2020, Guardian | Photograph | 6” x 9” | 2020, Tranquil Titan | Photograph | 6” x 9” | 2020, Observer | Photograph | 6” x 9” | 2020. Bill and Paula Van Wie Ameriprise Financial, Inc. 25 *Arloine A. Wernecke His crowning season came as a junior in 2002 when he batted .450, the 10th-highest single-season batting average in program history. Karl I. Solibakke Diana S. Brech 2 Randall L. and G. Teleane Zieth Richard G. and Sandra S. Scamehorn 38 Bonnie Thomas David Lemon Susan Lemske Pierson 7 Kristen E. Crisp 3 Catalyst consists of five seminars, two in the first year, two in the sophomore year, and the applied innovation seminar in the junior year. Khaatim J. Boyd ’06 Kevin L. Dykstra ’83 John E. and Donna L. Corbett 20 Major General and Mrs. William Blakefield 1939, 1941 Endowed Scholarship Virginia Newton Jacobi ’77 Cynthia S. Viertel 16 Ronald R. ’70 and Loretta Law Peterson Gary G. Yerkey ’66 Michael P. Fisch and Amy K. Fisch The Pentair Foundation + 30 Last century celebrated numerous medical advances and public health measures that extended life expectancy across the globe. Dennis G. Frahmann ’74 and Robert S. Tieman Ramzi B. Peter D. ’71 and Joan Reinke Ziegler ’70 Nicole Petrovic ‘21 of Mt. Sandra and Timothy Polcyn 3 Larry C. ’65 and Barbara Berger Lascody ’67 The texture of the lights and the sharp contrast against the darkness dominate the intentionally obscured images, asking the viewer to reflect further on the series. Judy Hughes Phillips ’62 Waunakee, Wisconsin, Mya Yupar Oo, 2020 Forced labor and human trafficking affect 40.3 million people (ILO, 2017). | 2020, Trip | Archival Matte Photograph | 4”x4” | 2020, Schism | Archival Matte Photograph | 4”x4” | 2020, Do Not Enter | Archival Matte Photograph | 4”x4” | 2020, Stellar | Archival Matte Photograph | 4”x4” | 2020, Balance | Archival Matte Photograph | 4”x4” | 2020, Tilt | Archival Matte Photograph | 4”x4” | 2020, Mitosis | Archival Matte Photograph | 4”x4” | 2020. Agnesian Healthcare/SSM Health 6 Robert R. Meyer ’78 Kent E. Timm ’81 In addition to on-campus visits, the Office of Admission will continue to offer virtual visits for families as well. Richard K. Sr. ’76 and Kathy C. Russo, Anonymous Donors Nicholas A. Spaeth ’04 Joe W. Hatcher Jr. 29 ’68 and Janice Y. Domanik Roxanne Sortino Gleason 36 Linda J. Corder and Albert Somit 16 Brian P. Downey ’77 Gary E. Long ’66 *John D. Roberts ’41 Steve and Betsy Kurcz Daniel E. Schowengerdt 8 Whitewater, Wisconsin. Karlyn Reath Webster 56 Catherine Adamski Gant ’57 and Harold Gant Joseph J. Dean R. Sharpe ’71 Donald L. and Anne A. Bentley Joseph M. ’86 and Catherine McGinley Cullen ’89 Robyn Hardt Schultz ’86 We have suspended all of our outside group events until March 30th. Peter P. and Laurie Kasuboski Clementine and Duane Peterson 1914 Endowed Scholarship Clara and Forrest Horsford Endowed Library Fund Kent E. Timm ’81 Arthur C. and Karen M. Lisowe 16 Irene Schaper 24 John H. ’83 and Barbara Williams Clay ’83 Donna M. Wianecki and Philip J. Wianecki 15 Sarah Walkenhorst Barber 3 Hugh W. Whipple ’76 and Margaret E. Wiff ’76 These objects, due to our constant exposure to them, can easily become mundane, every day, and uninteresting. Nicole Elise Petrovic ‘21 of Mt. *Herbert P. Holcli ’74 He says he will most miss his colleagues and friends at Ripon College. Alexander N. ’72 and Patricia Wilke Epting ’73 Kayley Elizabeth Grabowski ‘21 of Plainfield, Illinois The Boldt Company 21 *Franklin C. Brewster Jr. ’65 Gary Peroutka and Ann Dencker Thomas and JoAnn Leuenberger 9 *Carolyn Parsons Kay ’26 Teri H. Tomaszkiewicz 19 Victoria Frazier-Warmack Charlotte Lee Wahle ’13 and Marty R. Wahle, D. C. Anderson Jr. ’52 Donna M. Wianecki and Philip J. Wianecki 15 The Youngstedt Family Grace Wilkes Campen 1921 Memorial Scholarship Endowment Thomas Kenneth Poullette ‘21 of Kenosha, Wisconsin Kevin H. ’82 and Lori Jones King ’84 *H. W. ’53 and *Faye Backus Herbst ’53 Schuyler Riley 18 Kathy C. Russo 38 This challenge therefore addresses the need for access to safe drinking water and sanitation worldwide. Steven J. Hopp ’83 Daniel and Susan Fladhammer 13 F. Scott and Eloise Hartman Frey 14 Class of 1950 Endowed Scholarship Alice Hall Hayes ’69 *Jack ’52 and Doris Dekker 12 colored plaster panels, ink Andrew T. ’79 and Lori Knaak Dickson ’80 Sarah M. McGowan 38 ’64 and Susan K. Thornton We will continue to adapt our plans accordingly, keeping the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and local community at the center of our decisions. Winona M. Holmes Robbins ’17 *William J. Sarah Eng ’98 Miriam Beilke Huth ’45 Brian Smith came to Ripon College in the fall of 1987 and has held the positions of associate professor of religion and professor of religion, as well as chair of the Department of Religion from 1987 to 2015, then chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion from 2015 to the present. Paul J. *Richard T. Martin ’52 Keara Duffy ‘22 of McFarland, Wisconsin The goal of this challenge is to promote just criminal systems worldwide. Jeanne M. Lukanich ’83 C. R. Jr. and Barbara J. Charlson Jodi M. Gibson ’89 *Rose E. Butler ’34 Isaac and Nicole Wiseman Tim and Sue Lemke 3 William C. Stege ’62 *Matthew B. Bushner ’42 He co-founded the Center for the History of Print Culture in Modern America and co-edited Protest on the Page: Essays on Print and the Culture of Dissent ​ for the University of Wisconsin Press. Robert R. and Doris A. Miller 1932, 1932 Endowed Scholarship Fern-Aileen Imse 37 Posted September 23, 2020 in COVID-19, Faculty, Health & Safety, Office of the President, Staff, Student by Alyssa Retza. Troy Schaefer 2 Peter and Emily Sensenbrenner Caitlin Sue McNulty ‘21 of Neenah, Wisconsin *Albert S. Brodeur ’43 Tom A. and Barbara J. Sullivan 13 Carrie M. Kollatz 13 *Franklin C. Brewster Jr. ’65 *Lois L. Arnegard Richard N. Zimman and Valerie Cox 14 William M. Hopkins ’74 Laurie Stanczak 2 Peter P. and Laurie Kasuboski 12 Chris Bender Stargardt ’82 Susan A. Frederick-Clarkson ’72 Frank Widman and Martha Rabin 5 Lisa M. Belau 2 Katherine Linnen Czarnik 2 *Dean A. Mike and Jill Dillon 2 *Harold J. Spelman Library Endowment H. Andersen and Jeanne Lyke Mark and Dionne Landgraf 2 Steve and Diane Klika 4 She lives in Lombard, Illinois, with her husband, Brian, and daughter, Dorothea (8). At Ripon College, he majored in history, played trumpet and participated in track and cross country. This challenge addresses access to Due to regulations and licensing rules, we cannot provide telemental health out-of-state services. Gregory G. and Margaret A. Kraynek 21 Pamela Price Smith ’68 and Robert L. Smith Zachariah P. and Julia Messitte Barbara McGowan started at Ripon College in August 1981. Craig T. ’65 and Nancy B. Ferris Terry L. Burkoth 1963 Endowed Scholarshi Barbara Volk Rivera ’70 Alexis Riggs ‘21 of Ripon, Wisconsin Edward F. Norbery Jr *Pearl Pierce Dopp ’25 Larry Malchow ’77 Linda Stivers Neubauer Roadhouse Pizza 11 Philip B. Clarkson His hometown is Los Angeles, California. ... Library staff provide friendly, efficient circulation, reference, instruction and interlibrary loan services that aid in research. Kathleen Nickel 15 Tyler and Kim Rahn Shena McNamara Keith 2 John Kirchgeorg ’63 Doris Caballero Van Aken ’45 Brent J. and Kathleen M. Lekvin 10 Susan Chapman Carlton ’75 Uihlein Classics Endowment Richard M. Borchers ’68 Steven L. and Kim Myers Michaelson 3 Jayson J. Duffy and Jennifer M. Duffy 3 Alice Hall Hayes ’69 Richard W. Zuehl ’70, Anonymous His hometown is Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Foundation + 6 By transforming mundane things into unrecognizable collages filled with creatures, patterns, and places, I am making people more curious about the smaller objects they pass by every day. Andrew E. II ’69 and Karen K. Cook West Bend, Wisconsin, Lydia Wiley Deal, 2022 Maria L. Aylward 69 George and Joanne Shaw 23 Burghardt Sporting Goods *Lester H. ’32 and *Hazel Sherwood Williams ’32 Richard C. ’56 and Ada Brown Diedrich ’58 *Andy M. Palm ’53 In 2006, Ernst was inducted into the Ripon College Hall of Fame and in March of 2009, he earned a spot in the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association (WFCA) Hall of Fame. Anne F. Currier 4 *Milo W. ’33 and *Coye Allen Lindow Stephen T. H. ’75 and Kelly Lo Ng Jasper G. Pickett Endowed Scholarship Lambert Family Endowed Scholarship Sandy L. Ogden ’76 Hugh E. and Diane J. Morgan 17 Denise K. Martinez 10 Paul E. Jr. and Nancy Godbout 26 ’67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill ’68 James F. and Linda Tator "The Day Before Tomorrow: Sites and Footprints of ICE Detention Center", "In Broad Daylight (DHS monitoring words/2011)", Guy and Maud Russell, Classes of 1911 and 1917, Chemistry Award, Lucy Smith Morris Shakespeare Prize (English), Ethel E. Lyon '12 Graduate Scholarhsip In English, Achievement Award in Environmental Studies, Erroll B. Davis Minority Achievement Award, David L. Harris Memorial Award (Student Senate), Franzen Center for Academic Success Outstanding Tutor Award, Ripon College Mathematics and Computer Science Award, James Underkofler Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, Achievement Award in Politics and Government, Harry A. Cody, Jr., Class of 1933, Memorial Award in Military Science, American Association of University Women Awards: Mary Eva Webster Junior Award, Dr. Edwin W. Webster, Class of 1919, Scholarship (History), Businesses, Corporations, Foundations and Organizations. *William T. ’40 and *Edna Jordan Gilkey David I. Cisar ’77 John A. Koch 6 He finished sixth in the 1987 Outdoor Nationals in both the shot put and discus, while finishing sixth in the shot put at the 1986 Outdoor Nationals and seventh in the shot put at the 1987 Indoor Nationals. *Francis Neilson Philip B. Clarkson Martin F. Farrell Elizabeth Ringstad 18 Douglas A. and *Lynn P. Northrop ’64 and Susan K. Thornton Richard R. and Dawn M. Phillipsen 4 Richard V. Dietrich Paul M. and Ruth M. Meese 2 Mark J. Kortebein ’83 Martha Conrad Clark 39 Alejandra Cardenas ‘21 of Neenah, Wisconsin *Ruth F. Gower 1911 Karen MacLeod 42 Christophor M. ’80 and Sharon Rejman Ogle ’84 Steven M. and Susan C. Ellis 5 Lucy Smith Morris Endowment William J. Woolley Endowed History Scholarship *James P. Brost ’56 Flora Toms O’Hagan ’59 The first four seminars are designed to develop the essential skills students need to work collaboratively and independently in the junior seminar, in which they will work in teams mentored by faculty members as they develop and present proposed solutions to large, open-ended questions. *Kenneth B. Falconer ’32 *Florence H. Dick Kathy Welch 2 William A. Alexander, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Thomas J. Ebert ’75 + Complete your program on the same timeframe as at Holy Family College (or sooner). MaryJo MacSwain ’77 Gap Foundation + 8 Back Porch Gatherings H. Jerome “Jerry” Thompson Endowed Liberal Arts Scholarship Century 21 Properties Unlimited 20 to complete courses and other requirements necessary to graduate. Brian P. Downey ’77 ’64 and Susan K. Thornton Ann Irwin Hines ’51 Jeffrey D. Arnold 8 Globally, 152 million children participate in child labor. Samantha L. Kiesner ’19 Ripon College Women’s Basketball Team – Classes of 2017 & 2018 Martz Family Endowed Scholarship *Lola Schultz Castner 1919 Elaine D. Bradley 39 A. John F. ’88 and Alice Gallagher Archabal ’89 Scott A. Robert G. Rashid 1936 and Irene Rashid Lay 1937 Endowed Memorial Scholarship Elizabeth M. Wardinski 17 Michael J. Randall Cox and Penny Lee-Cox *Dorothy Neese Evans ’46 Kristin N. Schiller 6 Jody Dalton Roy Charlotte Tornee ‘21 of Colorado Springs, Colorado *Michael O. Willson ’60 Debra K. Martin Endowed Scholarship Jeff C. Bumby ’65 and Dianne W. Ashley ’64 Mark B. and Yvonne C. Nicklaus 3 Grounds Staff Ripon College May 2014 – August 2014 4 months. *Jane Shea Barclay W. W. Grainger, Inc. + 13 Connie Kempen Cady ’86 Selena Rose Luna ‘21 of Milwaukee, Wisconsin *Michael R. ’65 and Kaye Reese P’92 Bryan W. ’03 and Amy Gabriel Gerretsen ’04 *Roberta Stuart Boismenue ’36 Peter L. ’59 and Joyce Prout Kasson ’61 George A. Reilly Memorial Endowment Fund Michael A. and Elizabeth M. Warner 2 Donna M. Bukowski Mary Breese Ray ’74 Linda Hornby Shogren 32 Lawrence E. Hamilton Jr. ’63 RGA Reinsurance Company + Agnesian Healthcare/SSM Health 6 Patricia R. Barry 51 Kirby L. Kulas 5 John H. Wolfe ’69 Bruce Martz Endowed Music Award Holly I. Erickson ’18 Dietrich Trust Leo James Moriarty 1918 Scholarship *Reinhold F. ’30 and *Marjorie Nielsen Gehner ’30 Jackie Theune has been with Ripon College since September 1984 and is retiring as the lead housekeeper. Elenita Jackson Parker ’72 *Ervin A. Access to family planning is a key factor in women’s equality while also stabilizing population growth globally. Haley Ann Reierson ‘21 of Manawa, Wisconsin David L. Indermuehle 32 James R. ’68 and Martha Conrad Clark Kitty Hartman 54 ’01 and Jennifer Adam Houston Dena G. Willmore ’67 Paul R. Berens ’63 David C. and Kathy Thies 11 Ryan P. and Paige Reynolds Kane 5 Daniel B. Friedman 18 Jeff C. Bumby ’65 and Dianne W. Ashley ’64 Kenneth R. ’85 and Daedre Carlson *Leone Damon W. D. and Edna Van Metre Family Endowed Scholarship ’57 and *Carol A. Weber Katharine Parish Miller ’73 Marlene N. Barkley 8 Elizabeth Ringstad 18 Bret T. ’92 and Jennifer Hanson Reese ’94 Gregg E. Petersen ’78 Gerda I. K. Thiele Endowed Fine Arts Scholarship Thomas J. ’82 and Mary Lee Montoure Johnson ’82 Andrew P. Kitslaar ’06 emotions of a clown | photograph | 24×10 inches | 2020, untitled | photograph | 13.5×5.5 inches | 2020, untitled | photograph | 5.5×3.5 inches | 2020, the day the clown cried | photograph | 5×6.5 inches | 2020. Misael H. Lopez and Judith A. Thomsen Lopez

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