Tidy data sets are all the same. Enrich User Experience: Heading tags provide users a clear idea about the contents of your page. Case in point, the heading on this page is “What is a Heading Tag and Why is it Important?” Using Heading Tags for Readability and SEO. 1.… Submit your email address below. Mueller also discussed how the textual context of headings helps Google to understand what images are about. A web page could normally be split into sections for introduction, content, and contact information. Personally, I tend to separate “visually a heading” from “functionally a heading” and use a p tag for the “visually” ones. Providing a neutral and open platform to empower innovators across borders and disciplines, IEEE SA facilitates standards development and standards related solutions, such as technology incubation, alliance consortia formation, open source, etc. From there, H2, H3, and H4 headings are used in numerical order, decreasing in size and importance. All right, now we know a heading is there to tell readers what a section is about. What Are Breadcrumbs & Why Do They Matter for SEO? For leisure reading, you would use a topic heading which describes a single word or the topic word used in a phrase. Headings may be nested as subsections to reflect the organization of the content of the page. Alan has 10+ years of professional experience in developing and executing online marketing campaigns for clients in various industries. tags $ blockquote ("Tidy data sets are all the same. Attract, Impress, and Convert more leads online and get results with Thrive. In other words, instead of influencing a ranking score, the headings are being used to influence how an algorithm understands what a passage of content is about. Get our daily newsletter from SEJ's Founder Loren Baker about the latest news in the industry! Even though page titles are the ones that appear in Google search results, it’s the H1 tags that are most important to search engine optimization or SEO. An H1 tag, or Heading 1, is the name or title of your piece of content. If the