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You can download the PDF of the IBCofAquaponics manual here. Otherwise, please surf through this website for loads of aquaponic information.

So you want to build an aquaponics system using cheap recycled materials? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Backyard Aquaponics we have a simple aim, to help as many people as possible set up their own aquaponics system. So in helping people do this we’ve tried to provide indepth information about IBC’s and about the different ways in which people have used them in aquaponics. None of this would be possible without the Backyard Aquaponics Forum members


The forum is where all of the pictures and information within this website  have come from. Well it either comes from us directly here at Backyard Aquaponics, or it comes from the crazy, inventive, informative, generous members of the BYAP forum. If you’ve never been to the BYAP forum you can just Click Here, come and have a look, join up, it’s free and there are many like minded members who can help you with questions about aquaponics and building different systems.

Better to ask and learn from someone who has already made the mistakes before, so that you don’t make the same ones, plus as you read through this document I’m sure you’ll come to appreciate the wealth of information from the combined knowledge contained both in this website and also within the forum.

Please use the links near the top of the page to have a look around and learn how to build your own aquaponics system using IBC’s.


You can also download the original PDF document, the IBC of aquaponics by clicking the cover just to the right. A warning though, the PDF is very large, it’s about 38MB. But if you would like to download it to share with others, or to read offline, please click the cover image here:

Edible Aquaponics

Want to see a crazy version of an IBC aquaponic system? Check this out. Oh yeah, an edible aquaponics system.

3D Models

Just to make things even more interesting and useful for people, we have selected over 20 of the systems within this manual and we’ve constructed 3 dimensional Google Sketchup models of these systems. If you don’t know what Google Sketchup is, it’s a free 3D modeling design tool, you can download it. In no time you can start creating your own 3 dimensional aquaponic models to be sure they fit within the space you have available. So if you see this icon anywhere in the document, click on this, and it will take you to the Sketchup 3D warehouse website where you can view the model in further detail and download it to play around with it and make your own changes so that you can adapt systems to suit your own situation. Once you’re at the 3D warehouse website you can scan through all of the 3D models we have created. If you are having any issues with how to use Google sketchup, there are some simple informative tutorials that will have you creating like a pro in no time. So if you see this icon within the document, why not give it a go.

There are over 40 different aquaponic systems you can see in the “systems” section above.  Systems as small as only one IBC right up to systems using dozens of IBC’s all linked together into the one system.

Ok, right at this second we only have a dozen systems there, but we will have more soon.



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