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A Different Type of Aquaponics

Sometimes aquaponics can go to your head, you become so engrossed in the possibilities wondering what you can use to make a system that you even start to see aquaponics in simple day to day objects like food.. Fuzzmonkey is a member of the Backyard Aquaponics forum who has it pretty bad, in fact he has it so bad, that he’d prefer not to show his face, here’s his profile picture.

So Fuzzmonkey already had three aquaponic systems and he decided to build his fourth using a more unusual medium, sweets. Oh yes, edible aquaponics.


As with all good confectionery based aquaponic systems, it begins with a quality cake base for the growbed.  Don’t worry about the toes, they weren’t used in the making of the cake, it’s become a running joke on the forum to include toes in any photos. This first started when someone included toes in a photo by mistake, as can happen. Now it’s taken off and many a photo is carefully taken to include toes.

Now all aquaponic systems are powered by a fish species, Fuzzmonkey used a little know species called “sushi soyasauceus”.

These fish are normally found in their native habitat around sushi, but look quite at home  in this blue jelly/water.

So, what do you get when you combine some Malteser’s, Kitkat’s and other assorted confectionery?

Why an aquaponic system of course.  Complete with jelly filled drinking straw pipe work and seedlings emerging from the chocolaty growbed media. Fuzzmonkey felt that the system wasn’t going to get enough time to cycle, figuring that the system probably wasn’t going to last more than 24 hours at his house.  It seems that his latest system was more popular than his other three systems.


To show our appreciation of the hard work put into designing and making the system, we sent a pack a assorted goodies to Fuzzmonkey, that looks like one contented monkey.

Seems that this started a rash of people wanting to create new and inventive aquaponic systems, Charlie’s son built a copy of an IBC system using lego, looks like this one is owned by a turtle.

Then Charlie himself decided he didn’t want to be left out, creating a system in minecraft.