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What You’ll Need



This is a simple step by step guide to building an aquaponic system using one IBC. There are about as many different ways this can be done as there are different types of bread. Everyone seems to have their own preference as to how they like to build their systems, this is how we built ours. It’s not necessarily the best way depending on your requirements, but this was a way to build a system very simply, using the IBC as best as we could, with a minimum of tools. The only tools you will need are a grinder a drill and a hacksaw or pipe cutter. Thats right, just a grinder and a cordless drill and hacksaw and you can build your own aquaponic system, you don’t need any fancy tools, this is about simplicity. I’ve seen manuals about building an IBC aquaponic system that suggests you’ll need a whole table filled with tools of all shapes and sizes.



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