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Putting it together

Now we want to cut the hole in the base of the IBC frame for the growbed drain. Remove the 50mm central plug from the lid of the IBC, place the growbed liner into the frame, now use a pen to mark the cot out hole that is needed in the base.

Using the grinder with cutting disk again, cut out a large square that will allow enough space for a 50mm fitting to poke through the hole, you may need to begin by cutting from the top, and then turn the base over to cut from the other side.

When you think you have a large enough hole cut in the base, screw your 50mm fitting into the lid, turn the bed upside down and drop it into frame to be sure it fits through your new hole.

Once the IBC liner has been cut, you can now give it a good clean easily because you can access the whole inside surface, since ours contained oil we needed to give it a good wash out with a strong detergent and hot water.

We ended up giving it 2 good washes with detergent to remove all the oil residue, after the second rinse it was nice and clean.

Now we place what was the upper section of IBC frame on the ground in the place where we want the system to be finally located. We then used two pieces of wood 30 x 50 timber from an old timber pallet to provide supports for the growbed frame. You can use a variety of different timbers for this purpose depending on what you have locally available in your area.

You could just place the growbed onto the top of the metal frame, but by using timbers we are able to push the growbed back a bit further to allow for more access into the fish tank. Once your timbers are in position, place the growbed on top as you can see in our photographs Notice that the growbed has been twisted sideways 90 degrees, this also helps provide more access to the fish tank.


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