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Starting off

First of all, if you didn’t watch our video yet, it’s probably a good idea to watch it now. Watch as Faye builds a system from a single IBC with just a few simple tools, she explains step by step exactly what she’s doing and why she’s doing it. along the way. The video goes for about 30 minutes, so it takes a little while, but it helps to answer many questions you may have about building your own system.


To begin with you should be sure your IBC has been thoroughly drained and had an initial rinse. Have you checked what was in the IBC before hand? Have you looked up the contents MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) to ensure that the previous contents aren’t going to cause your fish or yourself any issues? This is extremely important, some IBC’s may have had contents which make them unusable. Most IBC’s should have a metal plate on one side where they stick on the details of what’s in the container, if you do a quick search on line for the name of the contents followed by MSDS, you should be able to find out just how safe or unsafe your container is.

The IBC we are using used to contain clean new heavy motor oil. Not the nicest of substances but at least we know that it will be reasonably straight forward to clean and the contents weren’t toxic. One other aspect to this, there are many different IBC’s made by different manufacturers and not all of them are the same.

Some have wire mesh cages, some have wooden or plastic pallet bases they are many and varied, however this IBC we are using is one of the most commonly found IBC’s a fairly standard design, the one we used is made by Schuts, one of the biggest worldwide manufacturers of IBC’s.

First step to making your system is to remove the top two bars which hold down the inner liner. These generally require an unusual star shaped driver called a Torx head. Not everyone has these available as part of their standard tool set, however a flat head screwdriver can fit into it, you just need to have the right size which should be reasonably easy.


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