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The Frame And Liner

Once you have unscrewed the two top supports and removed them, you can now remove the inner liner from the outer frame. It’s time to cut the frame to size for the growbed.



For this system we are going to use the base of the IBC frame as the growbed support, here we will be cutting the frame off just above the first horizontal support. Be sure to use a thin cut off disk on your grinder for this, also be sure that you have all of your personal protective gear on when using power tools like grinders, accidents happen when you least expect them.


Be sure to cut these all at the same level, just above the horizontal as the top section of frame will ultimately become the fish tank surround and the stand which the growbed sits on.

Once you have cut off the bottom section of frame you may want to clean up the edges of the cuts, you can either do this with a file, or you can swap your cutting disk to a grinding disk and take off any sharp bits with your grinder.

Now you may want to cut the IBC into the fish tank and the growbed sections. For this you will need to mark out where your cut will be first. With this system we will be using the top of the liner as the growbed. We will be making the growbed about an inch taller than the growbedw most plants. Our life was made easy by the fact that there is a mark on the IBC liner from the frame, at exactly the point where we want to cut. If you don’t have any mark on your IBC, then you can measure up from the base to where you want the top of your growbed. Probably the easiest way to do this is to put the IBC liner top down into the frame, as it will be ultimately set up. Then you can see how high you want your bed to be, this is where we recommend about an inch above the horizontal frame support.

Use a straight edge to mark out your cut off point, once marked, use your angle grinder to carefully cut the top growbed section off the liner. Be sure to use a thin cutting blade for this.

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