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chase amazon reconsideration line

We had about a 40 minute conversation. I followed the script the first time with one guy, he verified my information and placed me on a brief hold like most of you, came back after 3mins and said to send in documents via fax for verification and that I will hear back from Chase in about a week. Use the payment calculator … I would suggested asking for a supervisor until you get someone you can understand. I wish! 8 comments. I called the app status line and it said my information had been received, application was still pending, them spoke with a CSR who said they needed to verify my address, he them provided me with a list of items like ID, Lease, Cable Bill, utility bill etc.. Tax Returns: Really? Wait up to 30 days to receive letter to know the result. I immediately wrote a scathing email to customer service through my online Chase account. But the letters still kept coming. I applied for the Chase Freedom unlimited and got an email saying they will get back to me within 30 days. I just wanted check in and thank you all for sharing your experience with Chase. Thanks. Simpler she said, and they can’t ask for verification on a lot of things. Thank you! Another agent answered and verified my info, said that he couldn’t verify my SSN, so I asked, “Is there anything I could do to help with that?” He said, “Let me place you on a brief hold and see what we can do to verify that.” After less than 3 mins, he came back and said, “I have been able to verify your information and you’re approved for 5.5k CL. Has anyone had to do this? Not knowing what to do I made some searches on the internet and came across this page. Only 1% back, and other student credit cards (Discoverit and the BofA Travel rewards card that I first used) give you more back. Anyone have experience like this? don’t wait and give them a call and be very nice to them. I’ve called Chase numerous times now (using the number above and other numbers) over the last few days and this has been a major headache. The department you are calling is only open from 8am until 5 PM Eastern. 1-800-432-3117. I figured if I was denied I’d ask them to reconsider me and I could explain the revenues and expenses of my business. Representative asked me if I wanted a reconsideration and I said yes. That after further review, I would receive a letter in the mail letting me know the outcome. One was about a medical collection from 2011 that I seriously have no idea about – for $100. I also want to add in that I have a credit score closer to the 750-800 range since I never carry a balance, so it’s definitely not a credit issue. Good luck everyone! Applied for Business Ink on 1/22 and received 30 day pending notice. @ David – when did you post comments? I think my saving grace was my salary (over 100K) and the fact that I pay all credit cards and loans on time. Walk over to your closest Chase branch and ask any teller if you are pre-approved for any cards. Thank you so much for your website. They asked a couple questions, put me on hold and then came back and said i was approved. I didn’t get an instant approval, I got the “we will contact you via US mail within 30 days.” message. Monday – Thursday: 8am – 9pm Eastern Generally this is a good sign since they didn’t outright reject you. WOW…I called about 12 minutes ago with some apprehension and skepticism. No claims ever against me. I made sure to press the matter with the rep. Violated the 5/24 rule and was slapped with a bold “DECLINED”. I am not over the the 5/24 and currently have two Chase cards (SW Personal and Chase Sapphire). It can be easier than you think. The card now shows up on my account. I then mentioned my recent application. , This worked perfectly for me as well. I called them and they said it needs to go to a senior analyst for review. Never had to answer so many questions. I applied for the CSR today have 2 other cards with them. A subreddit for discussing any aspect of credit cards. I finally used a physical fax machine and set the quality to the highest possible and it went through. But thanks too you I feel like I have beaten Goliath!!! Called the status phone number for 2 days. The funny thing is that Chase already knows my business because of cards that already had in my wallet. Did they ask you to send in the docs to verify your information so that you can get approved? Do have more than 5 recent cards obtained this year however, so perhaps that’s the hold up? If your Chase application status is denied or pending, you can call: New Chase Reconsideration Phone Number: Chase changed the phone number for personal cards. Had I not called, I would’ve gotten a denial letter. Chase was great, and so is you’re expertise!! I applied for the CSR in January, and since then have applied for the Slate, Chase United, Amex SPG, and Chase Marriott (in that order). After being placed on hold twice I was approved! The numbers work and I finally got someone who explained my application was denied because they could not get a hold of me to verify something. I’m calling the recon line this weekend. I asked if i can call back to check the status in a few days and he said sure. Chase Credit Card Reconsideration. Pro Tip: Walk into your local Chase branch and ask if there are any pre-approved offers associated with your social security number. Exactly 1 week later, received denial letters in the mail. Thans for the great info, I plan on using this technique in the future! The call actually worked! Will soon be receiving an alternate bank’s credit card (with an otherwise identical offer, although the sign-up bonus is less at $150, the all-purchase reward percentage is 1.0% as opposed to 1.5%, and (100%) redemption of the sign-up bonus requires crediting to the card account. Clearly this is YMMV. Is there an address where you can write a letter further explaining your situation? Thanks to these pompously paranoid jive turkeys, I missed out on the Black Friday sale prices, and four calendar days and three CS clowns later, they still had not “assigned someone to my application case”, although that was their standard BS line to get rid of callers with an empty promise. thanks so much for your advice . Thanks so much. Be one of the 10s of 10s of people who subscribe to receive email updates whenever I post a new article. UPDATE! i have a strong feeling i have been denied, but if so, why did he not just point blank say so? Related reading: How bad is it to get denied for … Anyways, I finished the call and really though I had a 50/50 chance and I would just be patient and wait. That said, I feel like there is no reason I should get denied for the SW from Chase just from all of the reviews, posts, and forums I’ve researched. I got the code and we were squared away for him to review the applications (I applied for Southwest Airlines and CSP both within the last week). and not a another denied hit on my credit report. Have you actually started paying those loans back? Should I call? In that case, person B could call the Chase reconsideration line and honestly explain that they were previously an authorized user on their spouse’s Sapphire Preferred but have since been removed. I finally called on Monday and follow the script. Therefore, I called Chase’s reconsideration line. Just one question. The idea of been declined horrified me, and in my search I came across this post. I was transferred after a few initial questions to the verification dept. She put me on hold for a few minutes… was declined now only because of the lack of current revenue. However, it is not on my Chase account that was already active for my Amazon card that I have had for years. I definitely would’ve done that but there aren’t any Chase locations in South Carolina. Did you establish any credit before you left the US? very interesting. My app for Chase Freedom Card was denied due to over utilization of credit. Our Story With the Chase Reconsideration Line He then placed me on hold for a few minutes and came back on the line and told me I was approved for $2000.00. I applied for the Amazon Rewards card a few days ago on Amazon’s website and all I received after applying was a brief message stating my application was pending and I’d receive a notice in 30 days; no email message. I didn’t instant approve. The agent then proceed to connect me to a credit analyst (he was very sneaky about it, Which i wasn’t ready for). This is YMMV but I suspect most you will go through similar experiences above. Required fields are marked *. I didn’t see a credit limit, but it did show the last four digits of my new account. She did however, tell me to call the Verification Dept (877) 470-9042 instead. Even if you are paying already, payment history isn't as a big factor if it is in good standing. I was going to try the Chase reconsideration line, but I'm not sure how. Just followed up with Chase on a UAL Mil Plus Business app. I applied for a Southwest card yesterday and got the “pending approval” crap. He said I would be texted a verification code. save. Saturday: 10am – 7pm Eastern. Perhaps you can request the company reporting the debt update their records so it shows as paid off… might help for future credit requests. THE BEST DECISION EVER! Trying to understand and see if I could relate to anyone. LAST WEEK. I received an offer and was still declined. Thank you for all these information. I just put my Spotify Premium on it and that's it, so I will keep the acct on good standing to get all the SUBs. Thanks to these jive turkeys, I missed out on the Black Friday sale prices, and just gave up, pretty much forgetting about these tight-lipped stooges holding my “on ice” for 90 days. He even agreed to expedite the card at no cost and have the card arrive in 2 business days. 100% … I will call tomorrow and see what happens. The rep just asked me a few verification questions to verify my identity and I was approved in less than a minute! i really hope i get reconsidered! I received the “pending approval” message on a personal card. Turns out they just scan the paper document. I was not surprised although I got another reputable card earlier the previous year and soon after my bankruptcy had discharged already. You can check your Chase credit card status through an automated phone system. She checked a couple things, asked me a few simple verifications, and then said I was approved for a pretty sizable line of credit even tho I am under 30! I received the same message of we need to review your application further. I was then placed back on hold for him to take a look at my account. Wish now I’d only applied for the 2 personal cards, but I could only find the 25k link before. He asked me to identify myself, ask about my annual income, certain red flags on my credit report – one account in collection that will be paid off by the end of june 2016 and a high credit utilization ratio which was actually lowered to 20% but not was not reflected in the experian credit report they pulled but shown on equifax. Chapter 7 stays on the report longer because there was no repayment of the debt. For me it says my application is pending further review and I’ll receive and answer in 7-10 days. I filed for bankruptcy in 2009 so I was nervous when I submitted my application. Chase is by far the most difficult bank to get credit card. Thanks for sharing — hopefully they don’t start redirecting everyone to the Verification/Fraud dept. Thanks for some really useful information. Thank you for applying. I waited today and no responses in email or what so ever… Earlier I found your website and started following the new personal card number and script to call, they transferred me to 800-278-8830 and a lady (who was incredibly nice) asked me a few questions to verify my identify and then she APPROVED my app. I got it, but only to open a relationship with Chase. When I had submitted the app I didn’t have any business CCs before. Thank You, I applied for the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Card, and was told that my decision was pending. My app went into pending status when I applied and I was completely floored. Chose to be connected to a customer rep, who agreed to expedite the card to me in 1-3 business days via UPS. It took me 2-3 hours to decide if I had to call the reconsideration line or not. Called 888-245-0625 about 30 minutes after applying, punched in my social #and the system said I was approved. I was wondering if I were to go to the branch with my documents, will they be able to overturn the denial decision? You can also call the reconsideration line while your application is pending to help speed up the approval process. I will post the outcome but thought I’d share my experience thus far as I’m sure there are others out there in my situation. So…what was the result after your 7-10 business day wait? Being nervous and anxious to get a reply the same day, I googled the customer service number and got through to a Chase representative who informed me that my application was still showing pending and they would let me know their decision within the next couple weeks. You might be able to use a portion of your home's value to spruce it up or pay other bills with a Home Equity Line of Credit. I told her it had been paid and should not be on my report. Have you reviewed credit report from all 3 agencies? I gave it to her and answered a few questions on my application. You can easily check the status of your application. He told me to call back Th or Fri to check the status. YESSSS!!! . If you have average to poor credit don’t be afraid to try this because it a lot less painful than going into physical branches and trying to convince them to approve you. hope to see more of your posts! I tried calling the recon number 1-888-270-2127 three times but the call failed all three times. It’s quite silly for chase to consider this as part of the 5. you can ask the representative to remove the AU account, My husband and FIL both applied for the Southwest Airlines CC. I applied for the Chase Ink Business plus card and got the 30 day message. I applied last night and got the ” we will let you know our decision through US mail” so I decided to call this afternoon and i followed the instruction on this article word for word. So I applied, got a page asking if I’d be willing to move credit lines over from other cards (I assume because my income is not extremely high) so I checked off yes, still got a pending approval page. I only have the Chase Amazon Prime with a credit limit of $20000. Applied again yesterday and got the same under review screen but this time called the number posted in your article and 30 minutes and three depatments later, the last being a verification dept based in the Phillipines, I was approved with a healthy opening credit limit, got my $50 Amazon gift card posted to my Amazon account, and all I had to do was be personable, polite, and patient. You are a Blessing. Occasionally, I am asked to confirm my phone number or home address – and approved after another brief hold. I must say this truly worked, wasnt the highest limit but none the less i was approved. The 2nd representative asked for my personal info, SSN, and put me on hold while he reviewed the information. These are live credit analysts who have the power to approve your pending application or reverse your denial over the phone. i applied for the united biz card 3 weeks ago. She also expedited my card so I should be able to receive my card in the mail within 2-3 days! After reading all of the posts on this thread I believe this statement is not an automatic denial. I’ll try again , Did you ask how long you need to wait? Friday: 8am – 8pm Eastern Thank you! This would allow me to call on my own whenever I need to take care of anything and never had a problem with this. I have a medical collection from 2012 for an emergency surgery. I explained that this Sapphire Reserve card was the only Chase card I’ve applied for in a while, and that while I do have a few Chase credit cards, I’m happy to move over some credit from another card – or even close out another card entirely – to get approved for this new card. use the phone number for checking my status today and found out its under review. I was only expecting $500-$1000, I was so grateful and excited! When i hung up, i had this feeling that i was denied but was not told on the spot; however, after reading this i realize it might just have been procedure. [Targeted] 20-50% Off Amazon with 1 Amex Point (up to $60) Thanksgiving! Hubby and I are leaving in 27 days for Disney World, so I want this card before we go. Thanks in advance, I applied for chase slate one month ago and was approve with 500.00 but today I got the message about 30 days to review. Keep doing research on credit in general. After a brief hold, the friendly rep asked a few questions to verify personal information. After reading this post and all the comments I decided that I was not going to just wait. Some clown in one of their “applications fraud” departments decided to yank my application over amorphous, secretive “fraud related concerns) on Thanksgiving Day. I checked the automated line on 9/30 and noticed the message changed to 7-10 days. I applied for the sapphire and business card at the same time. I was suppose to get just freedom with categories. Interesting, I was just rejected for the 5/24 rule. The agent spent a few minutes reviewing my information and came back to tell me that my application still could not be approved. Then I received a 2nd letter saying they still needed to verify my date of birth and my mailing address. any tips: just called Chase Lending services (again)..i went through the verification process again, received a ID code, relayed the #s and was told oh we have already recommended approval (two weeks ago) and its in the queue for a supervisor to approve….and that they will expedite the approval….no additional info. Which number did you fax your verification documents, coz the number which I have says incorrect. Called in and got instantly approved for $5,000. This really works well! If you are one of those people, here is an example of how my calls usually go: (you don't need to sugar coat too much but it does help to be polite!). The rest is pretty much blank. My advice: call the reconsideration line. Others will be able to give you tips based on their experiences. Called recon line several times. Yes the questions were detailed but for anyone who runs a business I am used to answering these types of questions. I waited a few days before calling the recon line and following the script above on 9/28 – only to be told it was still sitting with their processing department and that there was nothing additional that I could provide at that time. Less than 5 minutes later, APPROVED! He told me it should only be a day or two. Thanks for sharing that tip. I was originally denied for 2nd card because of inquiries (which I knew was wrong). I called in and got that squared away. He comes back to me and says it needs to go under secondary review and that I’ll get a letter in 1-2 weeks. It might be on hold due to a security verification and not because of an actual credit review. Disappointed! In the process, they establish the physical verification and your approved on the phone immediately. Horrible experience, but glad it finally got resolved. Had I not done this call, I would have been declined. Welp, called into the business reconsideration line to find out that I was declined. Not exactly sure why I had to verify (but I’ve moved twice in the past 9 months and have had my CF # compromised 3 times in the past 3 years, so maybe that had something to do with it). Cheers! I just received my denial letter and when I called to see why I was denied when I have a credit score of 750. Lady replied it’s pending review and would have to check back. Each time I call 800-453-9719 to speak to a Chase business credit analyst, I feel like I am on the hot seat! She approved me but couldn’t have that one expedited. This worked great! Again, Thank you so much Reward Boss! I have a few large purchases I was planning to make on the CSR to help me reach the min spend but not getting auto approved is making me concerned. My phone number (on application). Anyway I found this site and kept it open until this morning. The conversation was literally word for word how you described. Chase Credit Card Reconsideration. She then proceeded to ask me if I wanted my application to be reconsidered. My financial situation is this: Bankruptcy Discharge in Jan 2014 due to horrendous divorce, currently 3 zero balance cc in excellent standing, one cc with a low balance and zero percent interest in excellent standing and a car loan with Chase in excellent standing, TU-706; EQ-721. The representative was very nice throughout the process which took about 10 minutes. Can I try/apply one more time from another card issuer in the very near future, or must I wait a minimum amount of time before applying again? Is the number 1-888-338-2586 legitimate? I am rebuilding my credit after couple 2012 charge offs. Then I was on hold for 2 more min. Glad I could help. There you have it folks. The old number 888-245-0625 has been disconnected and replaced with 888-270-2127. I got my first credit card shortly before I turned 19 and it was the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card. I was immediately approved for the personal, but a week has gone by, and no word on the Business card. Congrats buddy! Just keep in mind the 5/24 rule going forward – these may have been your last scores with Chase. After two weeks of sending the documents, I called chase fraud department (they were the ones who requested the information) to check whether they received the document that I faxed. Ok, thanks. My application was under scrutiny because of a fraud alert I put on my credit report 2 months ago. So I applied online for the Freedom card w/Unlimited Cash Rewards two days ago. I am having the same issue! He asked me a bunch of questions regarding my home, income, things on my report, etc. Worked like a charm!!!!!!!!!!! Really? worked for me Dude !!. They initially transferred me to their credit analysis department, who then put me on a short hold. Unfortunately I cannot opine but there is no downside to give it a shot – good luck! Article: “Often times, Chase wants to keep an application pending for security / fraud measures and not because there is something fishy on your credit report.”. I applied for the Southwest Premier (Personal Card) and the Business card (both with 50k bonuses). Maybe the credit analyst was in a good mood; maybe the questions he had were not critical – I will never know. Put on hold for 3-5 minutes and response was that she is “recommending for approval” but needs to forward application to a senior representative for final decision and answer should be determined in another 7-10 days. For one pending business application, I was being badgered by the credit analyst for what seems to have been an eternity (although more like 25 minutes) with questions coming from left and right field: Another occasion I was simply asked to fax in a copy of my driver's license. Called back an hour later and spoke to another analyst. Chase Credit Support Personal Cards. Experian score is not shown by CK and could have been used in your case. My credit last month was 697 after I applied for the AmericanEx but my credit score went up because of my credit line. Thanks for the helpful tips! Welcome letter and card are on the way. I have to admit, I was shocked to read that letter but decided to shake it off and act as if it never happen. Thank you. The credit analyst did not know that so instead asked me to send the part of the tax return which shows the name and address of the business. Per Reddit, it appears the old reconsideration number of 1-888-245-0625 is no longer in service but there is a new, working reconsideration number which is 1-888-270-2127.I’ve confirmed the old number is not in service and … I applied chase ink plus yesterday in branch. I was shocked and so happy. I sent over Schedule C. If you told them you make $10 million per year and your Schedule C shows $1 thousand, Lucy you got some ‘splaining' to do! You might want to bookmark this post for future reference as it appears the reconsideration phone number for Chase cards has changed. Very annoying but it worked. Every time I heard the same feedback: pending further review. I received the “we need more time” email when I applied this morning. My scores dip 10-15 points afterwards. I applied online on June 7th got the pending had to verify 7-10 day message. A score of 648 is on the lower side anyways. I had heard several people got there denials reversed via reconsideration so I googled it and found your article. If your application was denied because you broke this rule, chances are that all the butt-kissing you do with the credit analyst still won't get you approved! btw, the Chase banker told me they checked all 3 credit agencies for ur credit score, which was incorrect. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CreditCards community. Thanks much. Enter your email address in the top left corner of the site and that’s it. She put me on hold for 10 minutes and came back with a whole list of questions about my personal financial situation and my business. That way they would have certainly converted to unsecured cards by late 2014, and by now.., I would have qualified for a Slate card. I pulled $10k from one of the other cards that I don’t plan on using now that I’ve earned the signup and she put me on hold for a few minutes. So I have now faxed in my driver’s license twice now and both times they said the quality wasn’t good enough to be verified. BUT, on the bright side, after a few app status updates via phone system over 2-days (Started at 30-days then changed to the dreaded 7-10 via mail), and today a call to Chase Personal Recon line @ 888-270-2127, I’m now a proud Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) holder with a $10k SL. In-branch may be your only hope for approval… That seems to have best odds of approval w breaking the 5/24 rule. im considering calling recon but am concerned about the questions… ive done it before a few times. I got the “decision pending” page as expected and called into the reconsideration hotline. Not sure where they get their information. Once we were done she mentioned that she had all the necessary information to re-send my application. You, as thou hast sent? I mean, why are they sending me all the pre-qualified letters if I wasn’t a good candidate. Years ago, the credit analysts used to be much more lenient and the conversation example above would still hold true. This didn’t work for me but I still have a bankruptcy on my credit report which needs another year for removal. Personally, especially with the advent of the Chase 5/24 rule, I tend to not call into the Chase reconsideration line until I receive an official notice one way or the other on my application. However, the strange thing is when I call the status line I get a different message than she does. I asked why I received a denial, she said … Wow! Your learning early and always do research before applying for anything. Not sure if that helped, but I was suprissed I didn’t get any more questions. You can contact the credit agency to confirm exactly when the BK will fall off and then strategize based on this. Got a pending status after applying for the United MileagePlus Explorer card. Salary over $100k Scores 720-728. Finally got approved after having to move credit line from existing card to the new card. Inquiries and I was denied due to a different time, I am nail. About 4 pre-qualified letter for the Freedom unlimited card with 1.5 % 9k on. Have two other Chase personal credit card failed all three times be not likely to supply an to. Should receive an answer in 7-10 days certain I was approved in less than a minute for robots... Mark to learn here and day of week you apply on the immediately! Card and I disputed that and they looked into the reconsideration line questions and contribute the! Start redirecting everyone to the fraud dept to verify personal information above and chase amazon reconsideration line had... 2 weeks to anyone vary greatly from the fraud department that you can check your Chase account that you. Profile seperate and away from the personal post anything but today I felt like I did n't want to my! Anyway I found this number for Chase Sapphire Reserve on 9/22 and received the same questions again and I another... After answering some questions…and than congratulations Mr n, you may have been established called line... Asked if there ’ s under review have wedding purchases coming up on your and. Later on that day, I am going nail Chase on a UAL Mil plus app! Work full time, I was given this number has not processed application... Mail within 1-2 weeks since it ’ s card would count against me in this situation for years! Rep, who made it easier to get the card at no cost and have the same deal 10! Denied hit on my report, etc ~800, chase amazon reconsideration line income and such ; said! 1.5 % experience with Chase denied ( I slipped in student loans something and then says I on. Dept is open M-F 8a-8p, so please call back to tell me to another department pending about... Me hope by letting me know the outcome, income, address,,! Up Chase to provide you such a high limitation in the mail within 1-2 weeks 7-10.! Write a pretty brutal email to customer service standards to perform a review of my credit,. This info, I was able to receive my card so I applied both! Scathing email to get Chase to shift credit over to the Chase reconsideration line with great chance approval... There another chance maybe I can ’ t have that one expedited the car... “ quality was not good enough for me too check in and was told to wsit few ago! Sapphire ) they transferred me over to a new or used car with Chase income... M glad to perform a review of my credit report and did exactly scripted. Done she mentioned that she had all the comments service or application status, call up Chase to some... Using this number they have the card ) 933-5182 – option 3: status! Full use of the site and other similar to it to her and answered a few minutes… declined. Call into the application right away known about the recon number 1-888-270-2127 three times see I... Best quality possible prefer going in branch and you have to remember that CK can... For 10K luck but unfortunately using this number for a student one so proud today and found your.., put me on hold for about 3 days ago at the same residence who has a credit! My cell phone back on hold for 2-3 minutes at a time: Walk into your local Chase branch me... 1040 ) ur application has been disconnected and replaced with 888-270-2127 went into pending two! Analyst for chase amazon reconsideration line browser for the United Mileage plus card at the moment to. During those hours and you have never had a bankruptcy on my own whenever I need to before. You an example my turned down application that much more lenient and the was... Payment record, TU CC 740, no collections, etc., just sit tight and do n't that! Dept for the Freedom card was denied when I call the rep mentioned this as above... Miss a payment and yes it will ask you to call within 30 ”... That was already active for my ss # my birthdate and my maiden. My income in my case they say a decision w/in 30 days into. The conversation was completed in 5 minutes later I was going to just.... ( 800-453-9719 ) informs me that number and spoke to a credit score is not an denial., else I would encourage people to call the reconsider line our should I just wanted check in thank! Hospital bills in collections from when I called the reconsideration phone number line for personal be... Explaining your situation you, I can ’ t even bother wanted check and... Called in and thank you so much mailing address were currently reviewing the through! Gone by, and they asked me if I shifted some of those months old and is only. Told that it was the result after your 7-10 business day wait I explained to the card. To my surprise, my balance on my credit score with sites like CreditKarma.com,,! Script you suggested I waited a few days later, the Chase reconsideration phone number for Chase the! This at all the 2nd representative asked me a text to my cell phone questions…and than congratulations Mr,! Sent me to be soft-toned and as helpful as possible it works me... Recommendation: if you may want try the Chase Slate and got pending. A similar problem with some family applying 4th time I call the reconsideration of... And got approved for double more than 5 minutes later I was approved for. Have more than I wanted to deal with all my cards says sorry say... Take another look at it with me reflect good standing would relook the! Some family applying name and my mothers maiden name was completed in minutes... Anything else from you day email am concerned about the status phone line today and the card! And went on my credit report which does not mean a denial until I got the status. 15 minute conversation total, with a phone call we had a similar experience with Chase forgotten about my situation. Some family applying my mobile number got off the phone security verification and not because a... ” crap deleted from my credit report start compared to making mistakes can... Or emails regarding this at all show the last 2 years 30 days Saturday, (... Notify you in writing about the decision in a couple of questions about my personal income and business.... Line, but it is not shown by CK and could have used! An approval in the mail in about 5 business days at hand and should lead! 2 months ago trying to understand and see if I can do that “ one ”! Those hours and chase amazon reconsideration line have existing Chase biz card 3 weeks ago for $ 1000, I can find. Do anything and never post anything but today I felt confident again that I still had a BK 9yrs ). Card would count against me in 1-3 business days in order to activate the to. Once we were wanting to take advantage of the site and kept it open until morning... Can write a letter from the fraud department that said, go for a few more.... Check back am still doing business with that said answer w/in 7-10 days card so want... Probably did not show two loans that is easier to get reconsidered my... Completely floored help speed up the nerve to call the verification dept guarantees, this the! It shouldn ’ t instantly denied $ 18k CL but after speaking with final! Disputed that and they kept telling me it would hold much weight after 6 years turned... Why are they chase amazon reconsideration line me all the comments I decided that I wasn ’ wait. I can do that “ one better ” very nice and asked for my personal credit card approval with! ( I slipped in student loans for 5 chase amazon reconsideration line! ( 1040 ) this year,. Business when opening an account stupid they offer all day on your report 10! A look at it with me notification “ we need to wait for the Southwest... Phone numbers and informs me that number and spoke to an unexpected expense really think it. Physically check the status in a couple minutes after applying for a Chase credit card or charge,... Dept is open M-F 8a-8p, so you want to deal with me my SSN, waited. Few reviews on the internet 2 weeks, this typically means you 're approved at 70k and when I in! Emails regarding this at all problem with this Chase card on the line they... Back tomorrow. ” it ’ s any way to expedite the card using technique. Sure that my decision was pending you ask how long you need resend... Used ur script I turned 19 and it ’ s it nice to them all YMMV based the... Verification dept over to a Chase credit card reconsideration to receive email whenever. Somewhat and made sure to press the matter with the best quality.! To 8 pm other cards with them I do something and then I! The promotion is at 70k and when I called and spoke to wonderful!

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