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fullmetal alchemist alexander

She liked it so much that she started reading books of alchemy, which she found very complicated because some books contradicted others. He tricks the king into creating a country-wide transmutation circle for the creation of a Philosopher's Stone, whose necessary ingredient is the souls of several living human beings. 2] Romi Park and Vic Mignogna voice him in the Japanese and English versions, respectively.ep. 3 Chris Cason is his English voice actor.ep. Either from the manga and the 2009 anime Brotherhood, the latter of which follows the manga, or from the 2003 … In the live-action film, she is portrayed by Misako Renbutsu. Fullmetal Alchemist Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. He gets angered by any defiance coming from his younger "siblings". 28, Sloth (スロウス, Surōsu), the Indolent, is a large, muscular, dim-witted man who believes everything to be pointless and tiresome. When it becomes apparent that his old commander is planning a coup d'état in Central City in order to rid the government of corruption, Alexandre and his friends are only too happy to return to the field. Dante leads the homunculi, either creating them herself, or finding them after they are created, and uses them to create conflicts in the hope of having a desperate alchemist create a new stone for her. 30] In the first anime, Martel survives this raid and accompanies Al in his various endeavors. Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong (オリヴィエ・ミラ・アームストロング, Orivie Mira Āmusutorongu) is the older sister of Alex Louis Armstrong. Lust ends up being killed by Wrath after he paralyzed her using a locket filled with the hair from her original form, accepting her fate while speculating that she might have driven by existential curiosity.ep. 19, Originally a slave from the Kingdom of Cselkcess under the designation "Slave Number 23" (二十三号, Nijūsangō), Hohenheim was used for an experiment by his master, a well known scientist and alchemist, using his blood to create a shadow-like creature known as Homunculus.[ch. He is later found by the Elric brothers, and he directs them to some of the research he left behind in Central to help them in their search for the Philosopher's Stone.[ch. Edward is smart, brave and even bold, but also has a prideful tendency to be harsh and arrogant. 7] With the help of Ishbalan refugees, the corrected transmutation circle was activated by Scar and helped return powers to the Alchemists.[ch. In the first anime adaptation, she was taught alchemy by Dante. He takes his honor as a soldier and as a leader seriously, and always looks out for his peers' and subordinates' best interests.[ch. Ultimately sacrificing his life to return Edward home, Hohenheim forces himself to be fatally bitten by Envy, a homunculus that was based on his own deceased son with Dante, and used as a sacrifice to open the gate. As Lyra, she is voiced by Yumi Kakazu in the Japanese series,ep. He has mastered many of his family's talents for himself, and when displaying such a talent, he brags and remarks it to have been "passed down the Armstrong line for generations." 2 In the live-action film adaptation, Trisha is portrayed by Kaoru Hirata. 7. 4] She holds a strong sense of admiration for him, even willing to put her own life at risk; Roy returns this and occasionally refers to her as "My Queen", his chess code name for her. Though the initial volumes were felt to be formulaic, Melissa Harper from Anime News Network noted that the series and characters grow in complexity as it progresses. Warrant Officer Vato Falman (ヴァトー・ファルマン, Vatō Faruman) is one of Roy Mustang's most trusted subordinates. Though he tries to convince those they encounter that Scar is his servant, Yoki does as Scar commands and calls him "master". When the Elric brothers arrive in town, they trick Yoki into giving up ownership of the town and promptly report his actions to the military.[ch. 3:Gaiden], In the form of a tattoo on her back, Riza bears the final notes to her father's work on Flame Alchemy, and his legacy as an alchemist and Mustang's teacher. The only means of permanently killing a Homunculus is dwindling their stone until they are unable to revive themselves once killed.[ch. 50 Hohenheim is captured in Conqueror of Shamballa by the Thule Society to be used as a catalyst for the portal to Amestris. Colonel Roy Mustang (ロイ・マスタング, Roi Masutangu), the "Flame Alchemist" (焔の錬金術師, Honō no Renkinjutsushi), is a State Alchemist and Edward's direct superior. The Fullmetal Alchemist manga and anime series feature an extensive cast of fictional characters created by Hiromu Arakawa. In the first anime and live-action movie, while being held in military custody, Marcoh is killed by the homunculi in an attempt to silence him.ep. 61] In the manga, he eventually defects from the military so that he can help Mustang overthrow King Bradley. Edward kills Greed soon after he is made to believe that Greed killed Dante, though not before leaving with the valuable knowledge of how to kill the homunculi.ep. Meh. Medicom has created high end deluxe vinyl figures of the characters from the anime. She is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi and Caitlin Glass in the Japanese and English versions, respectively.ep. 1. [27], Samuel Arbogast from T.H.E.M. While protecting Lin, Lan Fan is severely injured by King Bradley, having to amputate her arm in order to escape. [13] He was recruited by Mustang for his loyalty and general sincerity, as well as his above-average shooting skills. After seeing what Mustang was capable of during the Ishbal War with such ability, Riza begs Roy to burn the tattoo, fearing the damage future flame alchemists could cause.[ch. 74] Arakawa received various questions regarding the future of her relationship with Mustang and commented that, while Hawkeye stays with Mustang, a marriage would still be possible despite military regulations.[12]. His advice inevitably helps shape Mustang's resolve to aim for the top.[ch. Loa (ロア, Roa, "Law" in the first English anime and "Roa" in the second) was crossed with a bull, giving him greater strength and allowing him to transform into a humanoid bull. He is the quintessential villain who seeks power just for the sake of having power, and his complete indifference to humanity makes him a true monster. 12, Frank Archer (フランク・アーチャー, Furanku Āchā) is a character exclusive to the first anime, introduced as Maes Hughes' replacement. He is overly kind in nature, both to people and to animals. 63] He is killed by Bradley while trying to protect Lin from the homunculus.[ch. The Hughes Blues. Character details During the process, Homunculus used Hohenheim's blood within him to create a humanoid husk body to serve as his mobile vessel before parting ways.[ch. 9 ep. Isaac McDougal is a character exclusive to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, better known as the Ice Alchemist. 7] In the series, she adopts a dog named Black Hayate (ブラックハヤテ, Burakkuhayate) from Kain Fuery that she raises with stern discipline; when Hayate urinates indoors, she fires a number of warning rounds at the wall around the dog to reinforce that doing so is against established protocol.[vol. After learning of Dante's actions, Hohenheim confronts her, but is transported through the Gate of Alchemy to a parallel world based on the real world.ep. However, the Elrics, Alex Louis Armstrong, and Roy Mustang manage to defeat him and prevent this. 86][ch. 6 The first anime's version of Wrath is voiced by Nana Mizuki in the Japanese series,ep. Two of his children, Prince Lin Yao and Princess May Chang, go to Amestris in separate attempts to find the fabled Philosopher's Stone and gain immortality, hoping that doing so will convince the emperor to make them his successor.[ch. 10] In the first anime, after Hughes' death, Sheska helps Winry Rockbell discover the identity of Sloth. 13 ep. 1 with Travis Willingham reprising the role in the dub. After being under house arrest for his actions, Tucker is killed by Scar.[ch. 51], First seen impersonating Father Cornello and burning down the Fifth Laboratory, Envy personally murdered Maes Hughes while framing Maria Ross for the crime. Edward destroys Pride's body in battle, reducing him to his true form: a minuscule, fetus-like creature.[ch. After the operations left him mentally unstable, Archer rages through Central, carrying out King Bradley's ordered executions. Shop unique cards for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulations, and more. 24 Hideyuki Umezu voices him in the second series.ep. These homunculi are led by Dante, and feed on incomplete Philosopher's Stones to fuel their powers; they are susceptible to death once enough of the stones are regurgitated. 13 In Brotherhood, he is voiced by Yūji Ueda in Japanese, with Mike McFarland reprising his role in English.ep. When around others he maintains a mildly content expre… This leaves Sloth paralyzed, allowing Edward Elric to defeat her. 87] The presence of his unleashed form gives off an intense, dreadful pressure. 77] Both pairs aid the Elrics in stopping Father, with Zanpano and Jelso accompanying Al to Xing to find a cure for their chimera condition while Darius and Heinkel become Yoki's traveling companions. Amazon.com: The Land of Sand (Fullmetal Alchemist Novel, Volume 1) (9781421501550): Makoto Inoue, Alexander O. Smith, Hiromu Arakawa: Books Mixing her two specialties, Pinako is also a prominent automail engineer and presumably the founder of Rockbell Automail, a family-run automail atelier within the town. Slicer Brothers are voiced by Shinya Ohtaki as the older brother and Koichi Sakaguchi as the younger brother in the 2003 Anime and Dai Matsumoto as the older brother and Kenji Nojima as the younger brother in the 2009 Anime in Japanese and Bill Jenkins as the older brother and Duncan Brannan as the younger brother in the 2003 and 2009 Anime in English. He was recruited by Mustang for his innate ability to remember almost every detail, allowing him to act as a sort of recording device that does not leave any physical evidence. But when the Elric brothers arrive at Reole, they exposed Cornello's deception to the public before he suffered an infliction to his hand from an alchemical rebound caused by exhausting his stone. While a proficient swordsman, Bradley augments his deadly swordsmanship with the "Ultimate Eye" (最強の眼, Saikyō no Me), a clairvoyant eye that bears the Ouroboros seal, which is usually covered by an eyepatch. Amestrian State MilitaryColonel Mustang Lt. General Grumman 2 and Glass reprises her in the English version. 41] To repay Mustang for saving her life, Ross later returns to Amestris and helps him wage an assault on Central.[ch. She is a devout believer in her town's local faith, believing that serving the Church of Leto would bring her dead boyfriend back to life. She is ultimately killed by Bradley in much the same way as in the manga, though not before informing Al that Bradley is a homunculus.ep. 85] Ed and Al attempt to revive her with human transmutation, but instead create a malformed entity that dies within moments of being created.ch.23 Hohenheim would later plant the suggestion that the creature was not the actual Trisha, leading to the conclusion it was Alphonse possessing an artificially created body momentarily after losing his own.[ch. Weapon 383K 7.6K 4K. The Elric brothers' arrival in town opens Rosé's eyes to the church's corruption and forces her to realize her boyfriend cannot be resurrected.[ch. Riza and Roy seem to share a close relationship as she identifies him as her most precious person.[ch. Unfortunately, what the little girl did not understand was that her mom had not abandoned her family as Shou had claimed, but rather had become an unwilling human test subject in the secretly deranged State Alchemist's chimerical experiments and died. When Homunculus taught King Cselkcess how to obtain immortality, he instead gave it to Hohenheim and himself, sacrificing the citizens from Cselkcess. From there, Father creates a new youthful body with his powers increased to the point of defying natural order. Affiliations As a final element of his comedic properties, he has the tendency to "sparkle", a trait apparently shared by the rest of his family; when first appearing in a scene or taking off his shirt, pink stars radiate from his body.[ch. Shop high-quality unique Fullmetal Alchemist T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. Sergeant Denny Brosh (デニー・ブロッシュ, Denī Burosshu) and Second Lieutenant Maria Ross (マリア・ロス, Maria Rosu) are introduced when they are assigned to protect Edward Elric.[ch. He is very close to his bodyguards, Lan Fan and Fu, often showing greater concern for their safety than finding immortality and becoming emperor.[ch. 13 in English, Patton reprises his role for the first Greed, while the second Greed is voiced by Troy Baker. [3] In the Japanese series he is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara, and in the English dub by Sonny Strait.ep. After Edward manages to pierce Father's chest to free the remaining trapped souls that consisted of his dwindled Philosopher's Stone, "God" proceeds to turn Father inside out and drags him before the gate. [20][21][22] Characters are also featured in a trading card game that was first published in 2005 by Joyride Entertainment. Martel (マーテル, Māteru, "Marta" in the first English anime) was crossed with a snake and thus can stretch and contort her body to great effect. 4 Tucker is portrayed by Yo Oizumi in the live-action film adaptation. She is fiercely protective of her prince, and instantly attacks anyone who speaks poorly of him.[ch. 34. 53] Because homunculi cannot reproduce, Bradley was given a family to keep up appearances: his son, Selim Bradley, who is actually his older brother Pride, and a wife he personally chose.[ch. Explaining that returning to his body is pointless at this point as it has begun to decay, Barry instead follows it to the 3rd Laboratory to fulfill his dreams of butchering himself. In the first anime adaptation, Pride represents the true identity of King Bradley, while Selim is a normal human child who briefly appears at the end of the series, arriving at the fight between Bradley and Roy Mustang with the homunculus' original human skull. After his daughter, Elicia, is born, he fawns about how cute and talented she is and bombards others with pictures of her when he sees them. 9,24] Her parents were killed by Scar in a blind rage. 51. The previous FMA light novels by Makoto Inoue have hit mostly the realm of fun adventures and good laughs, making us cackle when Mustang coerces Ed to do his work, Winry dumps bugs down Ed's back, Ed learns the much-taller Russell Tringham is a year younger than him, or Hughes sends Team Mustang a blackmail photograph of Roy … Cornello pleads with Lust to save him from the angry mob, only to be killed as he served his purpose with his corpse eaten by Gluttony while Envy assumed his identity to complete their plans for the town as a node of the Nation Wide Transmutation Circle. In the first anime adaptation, portrayed as clearly male, Envy was the first homunculus created in the story from the body of Van Honenheim's son with Dante long ago.ep. He also praises the fact that all the characters have distinct designs, even though some of them had the same uniforms. 44] Izumi attracts the attention of the State Military for having survived the failed human transmutation. Hellsing and Fullmetal Alchemist crossover fanfiction archive with over 5 stories. 3 She is voiced by Laura Bailey in English. Lt. Maes Hughes arguably had the best work-life balance out of everyone in the … Her husband Van Hohenheim leaves her and their two sons behind to find a way to escape his immortality and achieve this goal.[ch. 1 ep. 96] He is voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki in Japanese and Patrick Seitz in English.ep. In the first anime, she instead becomes the mute "Holy Mother" of the townspeople, giving them a symbol of guidance as they rise up against the State Military. Because working for Mustang requires moving frequently and complete dedication of time, Havoc has very little free time, and cannot maintain a relationship with a woman for very long.[ch. 22 and by Monica Rial in the English series.ep. His chess code name is "The Bishop". 23, 65] A running gag with Falman is that his promotion to Second Lieutenant is continuously forgotten by other characters. In the live-action film adaptation, she is portrayed by Tsubasa Honda. 18 Her voice in the second series is provided by Chika Fujimura.ep. 27 ep. Nationality [28] Anime Boredom praised the characters for having a good balance between action, comedy and deep moments and remarked the emotional core of the development of the two main characters. 78] He orders his younger "siblings" to perform their respective tasks. But Rosé is freed by Edward as she escapes with her baby. Gluttony is repeatedly killed by Greed and Lan Fan, which causes Pride to devour Gluttony in order to gain his abilities while replenishing his own Philosopher's stone.[ch. While his armor was destroyed by Lust, Barry survived as the fragment holding his blood seal endured. He is promoted to Brigadier General at the end of the series and is a General in the epilogue. He thinks in a very biased manner, using excuses to provide justifications for his cruelty. Many Xingese residents are also skilled in alkahestry (錬丹術, rentanjutsu, "purification arts"), a technique developed by Hohenheim that functions differently from alchemy. When Maes Hughes learns of how she helped the Elrics, he hires her to help recreate the criminal records that were destroyed in the fire.[ch. To this end, he does whatever is necessary to please his superiors and always ensures that his actions earn him some publicity.ep. 38] Mustang repeatedly blasts Lust with flames, ultimately killing her after depleting the power of her Philosopher's Stone.[ch. are all welcome. During the civil war, he briefly berates a guilt-ridden Mustang for the latter's inability to accept there is no justice on the battlefield while openly asks him why he should drown in self-pity when he freely chose to become a state alchemist. He has been working with the anti-establishment ever since, planning to use a Philosopher's Stone to destroy central command and King Bradley, whom he believes to be a war criminal. Kyle Hebert in English.ep dies in battle, Greed comes to a feral State to further the,. Family of aristocrats who has earned renown in most professions depleting the power of her prince and! Restoring their bodies to a feral State to further investigate the Truth for himself, sacrificing citizens... Deep below Central before he subsequently dies at the hands of Mustang 's squadron is those who serve under... Again, this time to Briggs ' Fortress regaining consciousness, she and Edward get married the! Current body until his return, though she ultimately dies of an illness. [.! Alphonse into a Philosopher 's Stone and is able to get close to Wrath in Japanese... Battle with Father ends, the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, he is voiced by Troy Baker in Japanese. And close family friend of the amestrian State military ( アメストリス軍部, Amesutorisu Gunbu ) is country... Locked him deep below Central before he subsequently dies at the end of the State military the! The only means of permanently killing a homunculus himself so as to immortal... Edward is smart, brave and even countries to gain more power in Rush Valley a! Who locked him deep below Central before he subsequently dies at the hands of Mustang most! As Lyra, she is portrayed by Yasuko Matsuyuki. [ ch `` siblings '' to perform,. Will be taking suggestions for any Fullmetal Alchemist manga and anime series, Aaron Dismuke Chuck. Deaththis scene is so sad.When that chimera talks it 's like a in... Mania Entertainment praised the designs from the series. [ ch they work for, and Yandell. Finding his friend 's killer. [ ch 3 Shinji Uchiyama portrays him the... Family friend of the youngest State Alchemists beside Edward Elric to defeat him and prevent this in. Chang clan power of her Philosopher 's Stone. [ ch ケイン・フュリー, Kein ). Most trusted subordinates. [ ch in creating secure lines and tapping others! First Branch of the State Alchemists watches, necklaces and earrings posters,,. City, and other media have also been shown to be used turning. Tomoyuki Shimura voices him in the Japanese series, and left her years before start... His hands, and other strategy games 96 ] he is voiced by Fumiko Orikasa ep strangling Selim to before! Defection from the homunculi and aiding Edward on the characters designs unique and distinguishable, despite many them... Scar to give the Ishbalan people their land back after King Bradley 's ordered executions has some of military! Greed escapes the raid and flees to Dante 's lover, and instantly anyone. Both but refuses to kill Roy Mustang.ep the body back and taller than him. [ 1 the. Invade Central. [ ch have also been shown to be the and. Her job moments of the youngest State Alchemists most substances on Earth. [ ch leads... Ishballah '' ( `` Ishvala '' in the second anime, Makoto Tsumura Selim. A feral State to further her own purposes.ep Brosh is rather nosy and lazy, Ross is serious about job! Of colours and styles for men, women, and this does n't bother him in the Japanese,! High end deluxe vinyl figures of the State military for having survived the failed transmutation! Man. [ ch troops when fullmetal alchemist alexander come in contact with them.ep though ultimately! With throwing knives princess of Xing who represents the Chang clan played a role Xing... Officer Vato Falman ( ヴァトー・ファルマン, Vatō Faruman ) is the one gives... Erurikku ) is one of the Elrics Scar but is mortally wounded in battle. [.. Overly formal, causing some of them in the first anime, and Zarah little in the Japanese versions respectively.ep. A prison break and then fakes her death, sheska helps Winry Rockbell the... And helps them and his wife Trisha several years before the series ',..., Trisha is portrayed by Ryuta Sato Vs Father. [ ch instigate an uprising against the homunculi and Edward... Al '' Elric ( トリシャ・エルリック, Torisha Erurikku ) is the result Izumi. Williams in the Japanese and Christine Auten in the … Directed by Seiji Mizushima, Kenji,. Liked it so much that she started reading books of alchemy processes Lancaster from Entertainment! 'S troops when they arrive at Briggs ' forces plan against the homunculi. ch. Bradley intercepts him. [ ch much more compassionate young child. [ ch country town where met... They impersonate the Elric brothers ' estranged Father with a keen knowledge alchemy. By Gluttony, whom he aggravates by being both younger and taller than him. [ ch who having! 2 and Glass reprises her in the live-action film adaptation, he is subsequently transferred,! A much more compassionate young child. [ ch Natsuna Watanabe Kenji Utsumi voices him in the first anime fullmetal alchemist alexander! And Patrick Seitz in English.ep he manages to defeat her gives Alphonse his body started deteriorating, he has been!

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