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Fishfodders system is a basic CHIFT PIST (constant height in fish tank, pump in sump tank), it uses 2 IBC’s in the design, one IBC is buried in the ground and acts as a sump tank, the other IBC is above ground and is used as the fish tank.

The system also uses two large BYAP 500L green growbeds. Water is pumped from the sump tank up into the IBC fish tank. From here it flows out into the growbeds, before draining back into the sump tank.

The buried IBC that acts as a sump tank has had insulation put around it to help keep the temperature constant, this sump IBC has a large section cut out of the top for access into the tank, however fishfodder has also installed a wooden cover over the top of the IBC for safety.

For the outlet coming out of the fish tank to the growbeds, Fishfodder has used a black bulkhead fitting. These bulkhead fittings are great when plumbing into thin plastic like you find in an IBC. The growbeds have auto siphons in them to control the flooding and draining of the beds.Once finished, the fish tank IBC was clad with timber. The timber has two purposes, it makes the system more attractive and also protects the IBC from degradation due to UV light.

The system also has an insulated roof added to the fish tank to try and maintain a more constant temperature. More constant temperatures maintains better fish health.

As a later addition to the system Fishfodder added a couple of yabby tanks and small growbeds that sit on top of the sump tank. He has a small pump in the sump tank, that pumps water from the sump to these extra yabby tanks and grow beds, a nice little extension added to the system to increase productivity.Fishfodder has created a very attractive and highly productive system using 2 IBCs and green growbeds.