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Freoboys IBC system began as one of the simplest systems you can make with an IBC- cut the top off and turn it upside down, fill it with media and there you go.

This might be how it started, but it hasn’t been left there, Freoboy has souped up the simple system with quite a few “extras”. He’s added a 35L filter made from large diameter pipe, the pipe is filled with expanded clay and water is pumped through the filter continuously.

This aids the filtration of the system greatly. However it quickly became evident that the 200L growbed and filter was not adequate for the amount of fish Freoboy wanted to grow. Freoboy has since removed the 35L filter, and added an additional 400L fiberglass pond as a growbed.

Then an old 150L fiberglass live bait tank was added as a sump tank, and later filled with hydroton to act as a constant flood growbed for water loving plants (mint, watercress, celery etc.). There have been a few more filter arrangements added to the system signs of an active student mind. The system now consists of an 800L IBC fish tank, 200L IBC lid growbed, 400L pond growbed, 150L growbed/sump, and 3 airlift bio-filters, to provide extra aeration and filtration if the water pumps fail or there is a power loss. Freoboy now manages to raise 30 fish at a time, plus plenty of fresh
vegetables for him and his family.