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Andy lives in Brisbane and he wanted to keep things very simple by building a system with one pump, an IBC and a fibreglass growbed.  He decided on a “flood and drain” style setup to fill fast and drain slowly each hour.  After doing his homework each evening on the forum he was able to formulate a simple and effective aquaponic system without breaking the bank.  Andy decided that he would dig the IBC far enough into the ground so that the bed would drain back into the fish tank.

The growbed is about a metre away from the fish tank ensuring that there lots of room around the bed for easy maintenance. Andy set up the plumbing so that in the main pipeline from the fish tank to the growbed, he’s included a T-piece with a side pipe and valve going back into the fish tank, this helps provide extra aeration by splashing water back into the fish tank, but if he needs more water going to the growbed, he can easily shut the valve off, pushing all the water to the growbed.

He’s also included a removable coupling (barrel union) which makes for easy removal of the pump if required.

30 Silver perch were added to the system to provide a source of nutrients for the plants.  The growbed receives 6 hours a day of full sun followed by dappled shade throughout the afternoon.  Gravel media provides good support for a range of lettuces and herbs planted in the bed.  A nice simple system utilizing an IBC as a fish tank.