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Aquamad is far from mad, though perhaps he’s a little bit mad about aquaponics. Aquamad is a teacher in far north Queensland who has been very passionate about aquaponics since he first heard about it and joined the BYAP forum. The great thing is that his enthusiasm for aquaponics has flowed to his students and a special area was set up at the school for both Aquamad and his students to set up all sorts of different aquaponic systems. Of course being a school they didn’t have much in the way of a budget for spending on equipment, however, where there’s a will there’s a way and Aquamad kept his eyes peeled when driving around, and asked at different places for seconds as materials. This worked fantastically well, over time he received pumps and pipe and second hand fittings, IBC’s, barrels, cable, and old bathtubs from various sources.

Aquamads enthusiasm for aquaponics really sparked the interests of many of the school students and the allotted aquaponics area began filling with a range of aquaponics bits and pieces, almost all of it recycled materials. Unfortunately because of the complications of getting permission from students parents we can’t include any pictures of the students in and amongst their aquaponic systems. However, Aquamad has taken numerous pictures of their different systems over time. The systems here have changed so much over the past few years and there were so many different systems set up that I think it’s perhaps best if I just let the pictures do the talking rather than trying to explain any of the individual systems and how they are set up.