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Arkantex has set up a beautiful IBC system thats a really good size as well. This is a perfect example of how you can have a great aquaponic system for very little money if you can find a cheap source of IBC’s.

The system consists of am IBC fish tank, 5 IBC’ set up as growbeds. These beds have been set up beautifully, they have been cut in half, however the top section of the frame has been set on the ground, with the bottom section of the inner plastic liner placed in here on the ground. Then the frame base mounts perfectly on top of this. This is a great way of setting up a system because normally if you take the top of an IBC and try to turn it upside down there’s only two small bars supporting the growbed.

But by placing the top section of frame on the ground and slipping the bottom half of the IBC liner in this, the liner is sitting on the ground so it’s well supported. Then the mormally poorly supported top liner section goes upside down into the frame base which contains a solid support.

The system is set up as Chift Pist, with a full IBC, half buried in the ground acting as the sump. Water is pumped from the sump up into the fish tank IBC, from here if flows into the 5 half IBC growbeds. There are taps at each growbed to control the water distribution on all the beds. The water then drains into the half IBC sump tanks beneath the growbeds.  These are plumbed together externally and flow into the drain tank. It’s surprising the system you can come up with when you have a few fittings, a pump and some pipe, with of course IBC’s.

You might have noticed that Arkantex is also building a greenhouse around the system to help keep the temperatures more stable.