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Blissy’s system consists of eight grow beds which are made from 200 litre blue drums cut in half.  Two bath tubs were used as sumps and the 1000 litre IBC as a fish tank.

The system is flood and drain through 25mm poly pipe flood and 19mm drains.  Shade cloth has been used to cover the entire system, to minimise evaporation as well as to keep sunlight off the IBC and reduce the amount of algal growth.

The IBC originally had citrus based environmentally  friendly degreaser in it, but was thoroughly cleaned out for use.  There was a little algae growing in the fish tank which is a good sign that it can harbour beneficial organisms. PVC pipes were cut to lengths and placed in the sump bathtubs for the yabbies.

Blissy later managed to get hold of an old rainwater tank which held more than 3000 litres of water and this was eventually added to the system.  The materials were locally sourced and show how resourceful and cheap a backyard aquaponic system can be.  Fresh fish and vegetables can be easy to grow in your own backyard saving you the trouble of getting to the shops and then storing the produce for later use.