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Curnow set up his first system with one IBC, though it is like many others in most ways  he has come up with another innovative way of recycling using an

old pump.  Curnow decided to try something a little different, when he salvaged a couple of pumps from some old dishwashers. The pumps have two outlets on them and he decided to use one outlet for the growbed and the other to the tank to stir up the sediment and move it towards the pump. The black pipe delivers around 45 litres per minutes and the grey pipe delivers 30 litres per minute, the small clear pipe delivers only 3 litres per minute. (As it is of little to no use, it was blanked off.)  He was very pleased with this trial and believes it has the potential to pump to two growbeds simultaneously. The pump sits outside of the fish tank at the bottom of the IBC and was relatively easy to plumb.  Because it sits out in the open a weather proof cover was made to protect it from the elements.











The pump operates on a timer and water is pumped up to the beds which are filled with expanded clay.  Curnow discovered the 2” thread came in very handy and fits easily to a threaded PVC adaptor, making it easy to install a stand pipe and media surround.









The system was stocked with yabbies from a mates dam and Curnow found that they rather enjoyed the cherry tomatoes that he had in abundance.  They also regularly get fed lupins and carrot.

The system has come along in leaps and bounds in a short space of time and Curnow is also growing plants in hanging basket that filter the water back to the fish tank, although the coir media has turned the water brown.  The fish tank was later wrapped in underfelt and a tank cover was also made to reduce the amount of sunlight and algal growth.