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Edwood lives on the Mornington Peninsula, not far from the coast and believes this is one of the reasons that he has been able to keep trout in his system over the summer months. Another factor that he attributes to keeping the water cool is the fact that his fish tank is insulated and the growbeds are buried in the ground.

He has an IBC as a sump tank and this is also buried, it provides a home to around 40 yabbies and a few mosquito fish. The fish tank is rectangle in shape made from fiberglass, measuring 3 metres in length, 800mm wide and 800 mm deep. It has a V shape in the bottom with flow holes for added water flow.

When the tank was set up it was surrounded with insulwool to help maintain the temperature. The system is very neat with the majority of the pipe work being out of sight, the irrigation pipes from the fish tank run along the fence behind the growbeds and screened behind a wall of foliage.

This fish tank and sump tank supports 4 growbeds which have been dug in to the ground, four of these measuring 2.1 metres 700mm wide and around 300mm deep. These beds drain in to the sump tank which is where the submersible pump is located.

Rock like white marble fills the beds and provide a stable source to anchor the roots of the plants as well as acting as the biofilter in the system. Two of the beds are operated by auto siphons, while the other two are constantly filled with water. A structure was erected to train plants like tomatoes allowing for vertical growth.

The tomato plants are doing very well being constantly flooded, however the capsicum plants seem to prefer better drainage.