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Gone Fishin

Gone Fishin has managed to get a system up and running using two standard 1000 litre IBC’s, three bathtubs and an NFT style addition.  The system is run as CHIFT PIST but without having to bury any of the components as the setup will be installed on an existing concrete slab, making it an easy site to work with.

                                                        Gone Fishin’s IBCs, bathtubs and NFT style channels

The second IBC was cut down to about half way, this forms a sump tank of around 500 litre capacity.  Water is pumped from the sump tank to the main 1000 litre IBC using a 2400 litre per hour pump.  When the fish tank water level rises, the tank will overflow through a 50mm pvc pipe on to the growbed via gravity feed and then from growbed to sump tank.

                                                                                Completed Pipework

The bath tubs are metal and have been thoroughly checked over for any signs of damage due to leaching and the risk to fish. The volume that each bathtub can hold is around 600 litres of media, which in this case will be a course gravel. The water level in the bed has been managed with a simple standpipe and surround acting as a media guard. Water flow is adjusted at each of the beds using ball valves.






Original polypipe upgraded to PVC

The channels were originally plumbed with 19mm and 13mm poly pipe, but water flow was not sufficient as the pipe would not lay flat and was eventually upgraded to 25mm pvc to allow the water to flow more easily. The system has performed well and barramundi were harvested and enjoyed as well as a range of vegetables which included radish, carrots, asparagus which was suggested by his wife and appeared to b growing very well.

Gone Fishin’s Plate size barramundi

All in all a great little combination of aquaponic styles in a neat system, that’s performing well.