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Markcaso has built a nice simple CHIFT PIST system here from a couple of different types of barrels and an IBC. The IBC acts as a fish tank with only a very small hole cut in the top of it for access to the fish. Out from the side of the fish tank a 50mm main pipe line runs off to the growbeds, Mark has combined a couple of different aquaponic methods here, firstly he has 4 half barrels filled with media, then a floating raft tank amongst the barrels. The main 50mm irrigation line coming from the fish tank runs at the back of the growbeds, each growbed has an outlet with a tap from the main line to provide water.

The media filled ba

rrels have autosiphons in them for flooding and draining, and the drains all run back to a 1/3rd buried black plastic drum.


This black plastic drum acts as the sump and as such houses the 4000L/h pump for the system. There is also an overflow from the fish tank back into the sump barrel in case of any problems with the water levels in the tank.

As a later addition to the system Markcaso added a separate biofilter off the side of his fish tank, once again this is a black plastic barrel, the type with a removable lid as he has used for the sump tank of the system. These black barrels aren’t much good for cutting in half as a growbed, but having a large removable lid makes them ideal for use as biofilters, and sumps.  One interesting feature that Markcaso has obviously thought about with this system is a pump out point. In the main pump line from the sump tank up into the fish tank he’s included a  T with a valve off to the side.