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Matt’s aquaponics adventures continued with the development of his second system.  He returned home one afternoon with 4 IBCs loaded up and well strapped to the trailer.  This system was designed to go in to a hot house so that he could gain some better growth during the cooler months of the year.  The original plan was to include a 1000 litre sump tank, dug in to the ground.  However those plans changed when it was discovered that there was an easement in that location, and digging would be almost impossible.

Matt liked the idea of a CHIFT PIST system, so planned that a 1100 litre fish tank made from a single IBC would house the fish and this could overflow to three growbeds, before draining to the sump tank. The water level of the fish tank sits around 200-300mm above the top of the growbeds.  An opening was cut in to the top of the fish tank for feeding as well as allowing access when it comes to harvest time. The IBCs that he had purchased were originally clear/white ones but he wanted to block out the sunlight so they were spray painted black. 

Three of them were then cut into 350 mm deep growbeds and the bottom of the IBC became the stand/sump. He wanted the growbeds to all be the same height and he used two cypress posts to support them on the bases.  The bottom sections were then linked together ncreasing the sump size to around 1500 litres of water volume.