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This is Netab32 first system using IBC. Using  6 x 500L tanks and 2 x 2000L tanks ; Growbeds will be around 13,000L for 2:1. Have worked out greenhouse measurements to fit 3 half cut IBC’s per section (x 4 sections) and looking at 18,000L pumps atm. Grow Bed’s consist of 18 half cut IBC’s plus remainder in blue half cut drums.

It do have 4 timed shifts, 6 x IBC’s per shift for 3 shifts, 1 shift of Blue 1/2 drums. all tanks are bottom draining , CHIFT using overflow for gravity feed to grow beds, pipes running from bottom of tanks with ball valves at each tank to be able to adjust outflow depending on tank size, fish density, fish size, feeding rate, as well as distance away from pump perhaps being a factor in draining speed.


ATM connected to an 18,000lph pump , all drainage pipe is on surface before buried under walkway before the sump tank . The IBCs are made to stack unto each other to took advantage of that by cutting them at the 2nd square from the bottom, then sitting the bottom onto the top – pulled the larger plastic section out and spun it around. The top of the IBC cages are reinforced for strength.

Fittings – 18,000lph in line pump (same one in the sump tank and a spare in the shed), Banjo filter to catch stray fish and help break-up solids, and the 3 ball valves are used as follows: 1st one closest to the tin (fish shed on other side) – can close when cleaning out Banjo filter…changing over pumps,  2nd one in-line with spider valve inlet – connect sump pump outlet to this to completely bypass fish shed if required  or when everythings at full capacity can siphon off a bit to return to fish shed for aeration (if we ever put in a bigger pump it would be best to do this anyway we thought)  3rd one between other two – can siphon off water for water changes… if we need to bypass this pump we can shoot water from FTs into sump through here and then hook sump pump into spider valve through  when suctioning out bottom of yabby tanks can attach here so that yabby water can be run evenly into GBs.


Have 3 banks of 7 half cut IBCs plus 2 banks of 8 yabby/growbeds which we will start off all filled with yabbies and maybe fingerlings to get system cycling before we start filling the tanks. Once we are cycling nicely and fish start growing, we will be pulling out yabbies from the top growbeds and filling with gravel to increase growbed ratio.  Have some pictures in the link to best describe the procedure.