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After the success of Quachys first concept system he decided that it was time to get serious with his second system, now that he had seen for himself that aquaponics really works.  He set out with 4 IBCs and decided on the popular CHIFT PIST method. This allows the water to remain at a constant height in the 3 IBC’s that would serve a fish tanks and the fourth IBC acts as a sump tank. The sump tank is dug in to the ground and a hatched deck has been created over the top and hinged for easy access to the tank below. Drain pipes are covered making it a very neat system.The fish tanks have been screened with bamboo fencing to keep out the sunlight and stop algae growing.

The benefit of having separate tanks include having different species of fish as well as being able to grade fish by size, essential with some species.  The riginal system can be used as a nursery for fingerlings or as a hospital tank.

 The growbeds were made from 500 litre stock troughs and filled with gravel, donated by a friend. Quachy’s aim was to have a ratio of one to one, so for every litre of water he would have a litre of growbed medium as his biofilter. 3000 litres of fish tank water and 3000 litres of growbed medium.