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Wal lives in the remote north west town of Tom Price where conditions can be harsh.  Extreme heat and cool nights are one of the challenges that he faced when venturing in to aquaponics.  His two fish tanks are made from the bases of the IBCs which are insulated with pink batts and set up in a shed. The fish tanks are connected with a balance pipe, which allows water to flow between the two tanks and provides a total fish tank volume of around 1200 litres. The tops are used to provide a total growbed volume of around 650 litres.The system is fitted with two 3500 litre per hour submersible pumps as well as two air pumps which maintain oxygen levels during the warmer weather.  A backup system has also been included in the event of a power failure.
Old packing boxes have been used as stands as they are sturdy and support the weight of the expanded clay media. The growbeds are situated on the outside of the shed allowin them plenty of sunlight while the fish tanks are on the inside where day time temperatures are 3-5 degrees cooler.The expanded clay was washed in the cool of the evening and early morning to avoid the heat which climbed to 38 degrees. The beds were set up, filled with media, washed and planted. A simple shade house was constructed to protect the plants from the hot sun.